Vess 3.1 Manuel Tuğla Döşeme Makinesi

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- Asgari Sipariş
- Fiyat
- Fiyat Şartları
- Ödeme Türü
- Tedarik
Hızlı Mesaj

Designed to work 24 hours. It has high production capacity wıth less employee. All kinds of spare parts can be found easily. Electric consumption is minimum level. Can be moved and installed easily. Low noise with silent engine pumps. It does not require technical assistance for installation. Smooth surface through producing with fine aggregate. Getting with the pre-prepared mortar,can produce any kind of Blocks-Asmolen-Straphored Brick And Garden Borders which are loaded on its.Daily capacity ( 8 Hours ) 2.250 Pieces Hollow Block.

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