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The API provides the site members with the ability to access and manipulate the desired data from the platform. The API functions provide an infrastructure that can be easily implemented between any application or website and Turkishexportal . Many of the actions that members perform on the site, such as company update, add / modify / delete products, add / change / delete news and references, read / reply / delete messages, visitor reports are also available to users via API . API accepts requests in the form REST and accepts multiple respond

Some information about using the API ;

    For any issues with API , you can contact us at info@turkishexportal.com .

    Osnovni koncepti

    The Basics Concepts page's API requirements are important to include error codes, general information, etc. We recommend starting with this section for the API . In the next stage, you can see the here methods you can use on the API . Finally, you should get a access code to integrate your API into your application.




        This allows the data to be sent in handleable sizes for requests that list count , page and current parameters. Things to consider in lists;

    Vrste odgovora

    Turkishexportal API can send responses in 2 different formats;

      How to Determine the Response Type

      The type of response to be received is provided by the format parameter in the submitted request. When this parameter is not sent, the response is returned as standard JSON type. If you want to change it, you can specify the response type for each request by adding the format = xml or format = json parameter.


      XML responses are in a special XML format specified by Turkishexportal.


      Sample request - Truncated

      <?xml version="1.0"?>
      <Company xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">
          <address1>Ahmet Sokak. Aykon Apt.</address1>


      JSON ( JavaScript Object Notation , json.org ) is a simple and useful data declaration format. It is used extensively in Ajax applications, especially those used within the browser.


      Sample request - Truncated

              "address1":"Ahmet Sokak. Aykon Apt.",    


    The parameters in this page are also used from time to time in definitions in the portal.

    Ime Kodirati Opis
    TL 04 Pomoćnik za izvoz i upravitelj prodaje
    05 Pomoćnik upravitelja izvoza
    06 pomoćnik generalnog direktora
    10 Pomoćnik voditelja prodaje
    101 Generalni direktor
    103 Međunarodni asistent marketinga
    104 International Marketing Manager
    109 Voditelj međunarodne prodaje
    116 Menadžer
    118 Direktor
    123 Predstavnik za marketing i prodaju
    128 Voditelj marketinga
    129 Predstavnik za marketing
    13 Voditelj razvoja poslovanja
    139 Vlasnik
    14 Stručnjak za poslovni razvoj
    143 Partner
    160 Predstavnik
    161 Direktor prodaje i izvoza
    162 Voditelj prodaje i izvoza
    164 Voditelj prodaje i marketinga
    17 direktor tvrtke
    170 Voditelj prodaje
    171 Prodajni predstavnik
    35 Direktor
    36 Direktor poslovnog razvoja
    37 Direktor izvoza i uvoza
    38 Direktor prodaje i logistike
    46 Izvoz i uvoz pomoćnik
    48 Upravitelj za izvoz i uvoz
    49 Predstavnik za izvoz i uvoz
    62 Direktor izvoza
    65 Menadžer izvoza
    69 Predstavnik za izvoz
    72 Izvozni predstavnik
    82 Voditelj prodaje u inozemstvu
    83 Inozemni prodajni predstavnik
    92 Voditelj vanjske trgovine
    95 Predstavnik za vanjsku trgovinu
    98 Osnivač / upravitelj
    Ime Kodirati Opis
    ER 01 1-10
    02 10 - 50
    03 50-100
    04 100-250
    05 > 250

    Pristupni kod

    All access should be sent in the all requests apikey field via the Turkishexport API . Please keep your access code in a safe place. Keep in mind that your data security will be compromised if you have the code provided within your membership. In such cases, you must ensure that your code is canceled by contacting info@turkishexportal.com via email. A sample request with API Access Code is shown below.


    The apikey used in the above example is not a valid access code. It is given only in terms of being an example. Please use the apikey API Access Code assigned specifically to you in your own application.

    Popis metoda


    Polje Opis Tip
    name Naziv tvrtke varchar [100]
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <Company xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">
      <name>Test Co Ltd.</name>
      <history>Test is the company that provides the best product.</history>
      <representative>Test Person</representative>

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    Kodirati Opis
    100 nema pronađenih zapisa
    110 Provjerite nevažeća polja.
    255 Došlo je do pogreške.

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