iSTA Breeze Air Speed Wind Generator / Turbine 12V/24V 500W

We are happy that present IstaBreeze Wind Tirbune which can be used in weak, middle and strong wind.
This new product provides energy automatically and with smart hybrid charger under heavy conditions. It is a wind turbine which can be used in long term and professionaly. Tirbune components can be sized according to need.
Heat distiribution through Aluminium body provides low thermal load that provide long service life even high ambient temperature.
Generator shaft is made of stainless steel. It works with two capsules and in oiled roller bearing. At front bearing, special frictionless and sealed disc prevent moisture and dust.
Opening cog of copper winding is made just by hand. Despite of improvement of automation between other components of generators, (etc. cnc productıon) at that point, gives priority manual work. It provides complete analyse of processed insulation material and it provides quality needs of Istabreeze.
Range of this generators is design specially for strong wind areas and adjust according to optimum.
If there is no electric grid or electric grid has problems then these are İdeal products especially for off-grid systems.
Usage: Generally be preferred in boats, yachts, chalet and summer houses.

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