iSTA Breeze i-200 Wind Generator / Turbine 12V DC/100W

Wind Generator 12 Volt DC / 200 Watt with included charge controller
This wind generator is a real power plant and a useful addition to solar energy.
Usage: Generally be preferred in boats, yachts, chalet and summer houses.
The wind generator is running on at very low air movement and provides reliable even during storms electricity.
The aerodynamically optimized nylon blades are absolutely unbreakable and keep strong loads.
Closed maintenance-free ball bearings guarantee lightness, high efficiency and low detrition.
The generator achieves charging current even at low wind speeds.
The charging regulator / rectifier is already included.
Output: 2-wire, 12 volt, DC
An adapter for fit to our mast can be found in our shop.
Get a low-cost professional-generator and a reliable Customer Service!
If there is no electric grid or electric grid has problems then these are İdeal products especially for off-grid systems.

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